We all want a Healthy Life. The quality of your life and how long you live – is to the larger extent in your hands. The choose to eat largely determines whether your body wards off, or makes itself vulnerable to, a host of life-shortening diseases, such as cancer, stroke, hypertension, and heart disease. But changing to healthy eating habits – particularly if you have not previously followed proven nutritional guidelines – can be a challenge. We all need to sit back and assess every aspect of our present diet and demonstrate clearly what is desirable in that diet – and what is not. We need to assess what protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, vitamins, and minerals or what foods they are found in, how they act in your body, and how much we need of them to maintain optimum healthfulness. Good health requires us to survey the best diets world-wide so that we can choose the ones best suit our families as a whole as well as those that may be appropriate for individual family members. It clarifies food issues – from irradiation to pesticides – that may be confusing but that you need to understand in order to make informed choices. You can find the diet that’s best for your well-being. And you’ll see how to make the dietary changes that will help you enjoy a long and healthy life.

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