The quality of our life and, how long we live are now, in our own hands.  What we choose to eat greatly determines whether our body wards off, or makes itself vulnerable to a host of life-shortening diseases, like cancer, stroke, hypertension, and/or heart disease.  But changing to healthy eating habits —especially if we have not previously followed proven nutritional guidelines—can be a challenge.  That is why, changing and/or maintaining good eating habits is so very important. 

Set a goal today, to maintain and/or change your eating habits.  Speak to your medical providers about your diet and then follow their instructions to maintain and/or gain good health.

The Vital Link Between Food and Health

Our bodies have a very potent built-in alarm signal—hunger—to tell us when our supply of “fuel for the body,” (i.e. food) is low and thereby ensure that we are never in serious danger of forgetting to eat.  I know I have been intently working on a project and all of the sudden I begin to feel weak; I look at the clock and think “Oh! No! It is that late and I forgot to eat, again”. 

          Tiredness, looking and feeling “run down” aches and pains, stress, even chronic disease –all these can be indications of diet that is lacking nutrition.  But not all of these signals are “instant” or “color-coded” for easy reference, and that is the problem.  Since no one can see or experience the results of a bad diet immediately, few people realize just how closely bodily health is linked to what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat.  You are what you eat, and the food you eat affects the way you feel and the way you look all through your life.


A Miracle or Fad Diet is not the answer, nor is miracle vitamin pills.  Scientists now know that food and its effects agree every bit as complicated as our own bodies.  Of the thousands of chemicals, minerals, and vitamins that exist in a single food, many are potential lifesavers or hazards to health, depending on how much is consumed over time.  Here the old adage of variety being the spice of life is proving wiser than anyone ever knew.  Eating a large variety of foods; means that you are more likely to get a good supply of adequate nutrients, since anything lacking in one food will be supplied in another.


Generations of Healthy Eaters indicates that the kinds of food you eat, and; how often you eat them have a major influence on your emotional and physical development.  Much of the way people eat depends on habits fixed since childhood,; but, it is never too late to start eating a healthy diet.  Whatever your age, you will always need a good supply of nutrients, and this is easily found in a well-balanced, varied diet.

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