1     Cup ½” cubed potatoes (may substitute diced freeze dried  potatoes or

*¼   Cup (converted or enriched rice)

 3     Cups boiling water

 2     Chicken bouillon cubes

 1       Cup cooked peas (may substitute ½ cup dried peas (not split  peas)

 2       Tablespoon chopped onion

 3       ½ Cups milk (may substitute reconstituted dry milk powder)

 1       Teaspoon  salt

½    Teaspoon celery salt

1       Tablespoon butter

 Put rice in top of double boiler, add water, and cook according to directions on box until tender. (If using potatoes place them in boiling water and cook until tender.  If using freeze dried dices potatoes they will about double in size.   Watch water level to make certain potatoes are cover at all times.  When water level begins to go below the vegetables start to add the milk. (May be thickened with flour or cornstarch that has been mixed into the milk. Beat well to remove all lumps before adding to the hot liquid.)  Fresh celery tops or dried celery leaves may be used in place of the celery salt. Fresh chopped parsley may be substituted for dried parsley. (4 servings)


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